Taskforce 40 “Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles” (CRM4EV) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme “Hybrid and Electric Vehicle” (HEV) aims at providing accurate, credible and up to date information on materials and topics which are considered as (potentially) critical for a quick ramp up of electric vehicles sales.

The information is primarily to support the Task 40 participating countries and other Task participants. Some of the results of the work will be made publicly available, specifically the Infographics on the different materials and topics.

Specifically, Task 40 aims to assess the impacts of EVs mass deployment on the needed CRMs, assess the current and future availability of those materials and generate and continuously update relevant information related to them. Supply and demand scenarios will be made, environmental impacts (using Life Cycle Analyses) will be determined, recycling processes and impacts and responsible sourcing will be topics within the scope of work.

This will be done by leveraging the collective knowledge and networks of the Task participants and collaboration partners forming a global network of stakeholders from governments, industry, policymakers, and researchers.

The network will meet twice per year through workshops, while several sub-groups for different critical materials / topics will be defined.

CRM4EV starts in April 2018 and will continue at least till April 2021.