About the Operating Agent

Bert Witkamp from Valuad is designated by the IEA HEV TCP Executive Committee as Operating agent of Task 40 CRM4EV.

The Operating Agent is responsible for the overall technical and administrative management of the work under a specific Task. The Operating Agent will submit to the Executive Committee each year a report on the status of the Task. This report will be published in the IEA HEV TCP annual report.

Bert Witkamp has earlier fulfilled the role of Operating Agent of Task 31 “Fuels and Energy Carriers for Transport”.

Currently he is also involved in the EU Commission project EAFO (European Alternative Fuels Observatory) and REE4EU (H2020), a rare earth recycle project.

Bert has previously been Secretary General of AVERE, the European Association for Electromobility. As CEO, he has run businesses in wind energy, biomass, solar energy, sustainable housing and sustainable waste management. Bert has also worked 20 years in multinational companies as senior supply chain executive.

Linkedin: Bert Witkamp