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CRM4EV evaluates different scenarios concerning the use of Critical Raw Materials in Electric Vehicles. Beyond the current and foreseeable technologies, alternative technologies will be considered for their potential at short or long term. 

Scenarios for CRM requirements involving these alternatives will be made.  Whereas the roadmaps for battery technologies for the coming 10 to 15 years are to some extend clear, this is not the case for a longer time frame.

Concerning electric motors, the key issue is whether the Permanent Magnets (PMs) based electrometers which are now the norm will remain the dominating technology or that other proven technologies might play a major role. Permanent Magnets require Rare Earth metals as functional ingredients.  Task 40 evaluates the different technologies for electro-motors. Looking at these existing competing technologies, each with their advantages and drawbacks, will be a priority in the  CRM4EV work.