Organisations with a direct stake in the Electric Vehicle supply chain, from mining of (critical) raw materials to the manufacturing of EVs and including recycling are welcome join the CRM4EV network and participate in the execution of Task40.

Benefits of becoming a CRM4EV participant:

  • It provides the CRM4EV participants with fact based, peer reviewed information on the role, needs and criticality aspects of the critical raw materials used for the manufacturing of EVs.


  • CRM4EV brings together “different worlds”:
    • Experts and stakeholders from national administrations, Agencies, Departments, Geological Services having an interest in the Electric Vehicle supply chain
    • Industrial stakeholders over the full life cycle: from mining companies, component manufacturers to OEMs, recyclers, trade associations
    • Universities and research institutes
    • Associations and others


  • Joining the CRM4EV and the networks of its participants can provide unique opportunities to deepen the expertise of its members as well as gaining insights in topics new for them. CRM4EV brings together industries and expertise which until very recently did not have a common ground and therefore often little knowledge of each other.


  • CRM4EV will deliver new insights in its field of work, with its network gaining new perspectives for the different participants:
    • Insights in the current mining, refining, main other applications of the CRMs
    • Insight in planned and potential mining and refining capacities
    • Insight in current and projected (scenarios) needs of the CRMs
    • Insights in current and future battery chemistries
    • Insight in potential need of the CRMs per unit of energy (kWh) storage, current and future up to 2050
    • Insight in potential alternatives for the CRMs
    • Insight in recycling processes and legislation


  • The results of Task 40 work can help its participants in an advantageous position, having access and insight in the scenarios for future and adapt these when needed to the most likely future trends concerning Critical Raw Materials and Electric Vehicles


  • CRM4EV will explore in its scope alternatives to Critical Raw Materials:
    • Alternatives for Permanent Magnets based e-motors
    • Different Li-ion chemistries with different metal contents (ratios)
    • EV Batteries without CRMs : realistic options for the long term?
    • Insights in which way technological and/or economic developments may impact significantly the demand for CRMs for EVs


Being participant of Task 40 can, on one hand, make the expertise of its members shine, further affirming their reputations in their field while on the other hand also providing participants access to knowledge and expertise they do not have themselves

If you are interested to join the network please contact us.